Surfshark Has Added A Cookie Popup Blocker To Its VPN

Surfshark popup blocker
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Cookie popups can often distract you while working. To solve this issue Surfshark, has included a popup blocker to its browser extensions to block them entirely.

Cookie popups, also known as cookie consent popups or banners, are notifications that users receive when visiting websites. These must comply with the GDPR’s transparency standards. They frequently ask users to consent to websites collecting surfing data.

Now, Surfshark has implemented a Cookie popup blocker to its Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. What’s more, it is available to all customers of its VPN service for free.

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Reason why popup blocker is added to Surfshark

In a press statement, Surfshark CEO Vytautas Kaziukonis stated why the business opted to include a cookie popup blocker in its VPN browser extension:

“People are regularly required to accept cookies before they can access content when browsing websites. Unfortunately, too many designs deceive users into clicking ‘yes,’ and some websites have been discovered completely ignoring people’s options. We’ve decided to add a new function to our browser extensions; which will enable you to circumvent cookie consent popups, inspired by your frustrations.”

To conceal popup elements and stop particular network requests, Surfhsark’s Cookie popup blocker uses CSS rules and network request blocking. If neither of these techniques succeeds, the feature defaults to “accept.”

Whether or not these strategies work relies on how a website’s consent cookies are implemented. For example, some websites automatically attach cookies to their users until they click “reject,” whereas others, such as Google, do not do so until the user chooses “accept.”

While Surfshark’s Cookie popup blocker is intended to improve users’ browsing experience by allowing them to avoid cookie consent popups, it is not intended to improve privacy protection. Still, you won’t have to waste time clicking “accept” or “reject” when browsing new websites, which could help you be more productive.

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