Telegram 8.4 Brings Features Like Hiding Spoilers and More


Telegram is bringing a new version-Telegram 8.4 that brings several new features to the application, including message reactions. One more time, the application has outperformed its rival WhatsApp in the past few months. However, it is important to note that the update is not that feature-rich like its predecessors; it still brings several things that should improve users’ experience. 

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Telegram 8.4 update new features

Message reactions

The first feature that the new update is carrying is the Double tapping that invokes a thumbs-up emoji. What’s more, users can change the default emoji by going to Settings>Chats. Plus, they can pop up a list of available reaction emojis by tapping the message on Android devices. For iOS devices, users need to long-press the message.

Real-time translation

The new feature is real-time translation. Clearly, Telegram is trying to bridge the language difference with this move. Users need to visit the Settings> Translations and toggle the ‘Show Translation’ options, after that they just need to perform a single tap on the message they want to translate. Users don’t need to worry about the source language; Telegram will automatically detect it and translate it to the required language.


The last major feature that the new update is carrying is the ability to hide spoilers. The talks about a feature like this have been around for a while on several internet forums. However, this is the first time something like this has happened on a mainstream messaging app. In order to use this feature, users have to select the text and select the ‘Spoiler’ option to conceal it. To undo it, users need to click on the reveal spoiler button. 

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