Telegram is going to show ads and here’s what can be expected.

source- photo by Eyestetix Studio on unsplash

Recently, Telegram captured 70 million new users in just one day during the downtime of Facebook’s services. It has already reached the mark of one billion installs on the Play Store.

As the traffic has been increasing over time, the maintenance cost associated with the platform is also continuously growing.

That’s the reason, Telegram needs to generate some revenue to cover the server maintenance costs and other associated costs. The company also indicates the same, as the CEO Pavel Dorov earlier stated that Telegram would start to generate income.

Now, after a year it has launched the Telegram Ad program where it allows individuals and organizations to make and distribute sponsored messages among users.

Will the ads affect the user’s experience on Telegram? How will it work? For starters, the company says it would only allow advertisers to show the ads to the public channels of over 1000 subscribers. And this will not harm your experience in your public or private groups.

Additionally, the company promises that it won’t compromise the users’ privacy. As the users’ data will not be analyzed or collected for showing the ads. The company will show the sponsored messages depending upon the main topic of the public channels.

So, everyone will see the same sponsored content. Moreover, the company confirms, neither it will collect user information nor analyze user behavior after clicking the ads.

If you prefer Telegram over other prominent platforms whether for its data privacy or for the features that it provides, you can still enjoy it without any problem.

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