Twitter Added New Content Warning On Individual Tweets Feature

Twitter Added New Content Warning On Individual Tweets Feature

Twitter has finally rolled out the content warning function to all users that it was testing last year. Rather than applying a blanket warning to all multimedia tweets; the new feature allows you to hide particular photographs and videos behind warnings for nudity, violence, and “sensitive” content. What’s more, Twitter has already added this functionality to its Android app, iOS app, and web app.

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How to add content warning?

Specifically, users can add a content warning to a post by sticking to the following steps:

1. First add a photo or video,

2. Tap to edit it

3. Tapping a flag icon to bring up several options to choose from.

You can add several warnings to a single piece of media. Plus, you can also add a warning to one image or video in a tweet but not to another. However, do note that Twitter appears to post a single warning over both of them in the latter case.

Viewers can click “Show” to see the media, just like in the old system, and you can’t put warnings on tweet text. We are yet to see the warning showing up in embedded tweets or tools like TweetDeck. Moreover, Twitter hasn’t added a spoilers category for the tweets that most people wish to avoid: movie spoilers.

Content warnings are positioned to let individuals avoid potentially distressing or not-safe-for-work material. However, people on other platforms have used these warnings in more complicating ways. Mastodon, a decentralized social network, allows users to create freeform content warnings that may be applied to text or video messages, acting as an informal tagging system. By comparison, Twitter’s method is still limited. However, it’s more versatile than its predecessor.

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