Twitter Began Testing Remove Follower Functionality A Type Of ‘Soft Block’ Feature

Twitter has started testing the first tool from the proposed set of tools. The tool will bring the functionality to remove a follower without blocking them. Currently, the remove follower feature is being tested on the web. It appears to be a tool based on the soft block concept.

According to a tweet, users can remove any followers from the follower list on their respective profile pages. They just need to click on the three dots next to the follower’s name. From the drop-down menu, they have to click on Remove follower options. After that, the removed followers cannot see users’ tweets.

It is worth noting that the new remove follower tool is different from blocking someone. The latter will prevent users from seeing your tweets and directly messaging you. Plus, once you block someone, you cannot send them messages or see their tweets too. On the other hand, the remove follower tool is more like a remote unfollow option.

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Earlier a quick block and unblock was used to perform soft block

Earlier, if you wanted someone to unfollow you; you had to block them and then unblock them. Obviously, you could have asked them directly to unfollow you. Anyways, once you are done with the blocking and unblocking process; a user has to refollow you to see your tweets. Plus, if you have protected tweets, they will need to get your approval first in order to follow you again.

However, the new feature when rolled out will make it pretty straightforward to make people unfollow you. Obviously, it will be more than useful for the users specifically for people that don’t want a certain user to follow them. At the same time, they don’t want to block that person. In the future, a simple remove follower option will do it for them.

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