Twitter Drops $8 Blue Tick After People Start Misusing the Feature  


Elon Musk reportedly felt forced to completely revoke the paid checkmarks after a wave of imposter accounts started posting false tweets while posing as some of the biggest brands in the world using the verified checkmarks from Twitter Blue paid subscription service.

Musk tweeted, “Basically, tricking people is not OK”. As some users reported that the $7.99 Twitter Blue subscription option had vanished. Whereas, others who had previously been verified discovered that their “Official” blue checkmarks had been reinstated.

According to a report from Reuters, Twitter has reinstated the “Official” badges on some accounts. However, we are still not sure if Twitter has actually removed the paid verification permanently or if it is just temporarily disabled. What’s more, a message on Twitter Slack clarifies that “An update on what we did tonight: hid the entry point to Twitter Blue, added the ‘official’ label for ONLY advertisers. Note: here is at least one way for users to sign up for Blue. Legacy Blue users can go to subscriptions and upgrade. Note 2: Existing Blue subscribers will still have access to their Blue tick features.”

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong was one of many searching for information regarding the status of Twitter Blue. She tweeted, “Checked with Twitter’s API, and the in-app purchase for Blue Verified is no longer listed for production.”

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Musk had a way to distinguish between Twitter blue accounts and actual businesses and public figures with an Official label, but it seemingly didn’t work

By introducing “Official” labels for famous businesses, organizations, and public figures, Musk had previously tried to stop impersonation using Twitter Blue. However, when that tactic failed, Musk promptly “killed” the labels.  

Musk seems to believe most strongly in the redesigned Twitter Blue. He anticipated that the coveted checkmark could be easily sold to half of Twitter’s user population. Although he was right that there would be interest. However, he did make light of the fact that part of his plan was to make quick cash from those looking to imitate other accounts in a few tweets. Musk now warns that anyone who purchases a checkmark runs the danger of having their account permanently suspended if it isn’t made explicit in the name that it is a parody, and that no refunds will be granted.

The owner of an account called @gaslabu, which has 75 followers and paid to be verified by Twitter Blue, retweeted The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren’s tweet of a widely circulated image of Mario flipping the bird from a parody account, saying, “The beauty of this is each account that gets verified paid $8. Twitter suspends the account and keeps the money. It’s brilliant, and I hope other people follow suit. Twitter receives free money. Musk then replied to @gaslabu with a series of emojis, including the money bag, the bullseye, and a smiley face with sunglasses. 

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