Twitter to Increases the Video Quality of New Video Uploads


Twitter increases the video quality of new posts. The company announced the new video uploads on their platform will be less pixelated and of higher quality. The poor video quality of Twitter has been a frustrating problem for users since its beginning. The official Twitter support account exposes that the website has brought updates to fix the problem of poor video quality on their platform.

Twitter has explained to The Verge the pre-processing step when uploading a video was the cause of declined quality of the video. As the step splits the video clip into smaller chunks when we try to upload any clip, it is the apparent reason for reduced quality. So, Twitter has removed the step in the update.

The company says the changes are not for the Twitter Media Studio. It is the medium from where we access the all media that we have uploaded yet. Furthermore, while the improved video quality is intended to be available to everyone, it will only apply to new video uploads and will not be applied retrospectively to previous ones.

In between users have different experiences. Some have shared they don’t see any difference from before, while others say there is less compression in full screen. They also claim they noticed quicker adjustments when switching screen sizes.

The sad part is there is still no comparison between the HD videos of YouTube, but now they are decent. In 2019 Twitter brought changes in the uploading ways of JPEGs that prevent lowering the quality of the post.

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