Twitter To Put Popular Usernames Up for Auction

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is in serious need of fresh sources of income because the company has lost advertisers ever since he took control in October. The business is thinking of making Twitter usernames monetizable as part of its effort to get Twitter to start making some money.

According to the New York Times, Twitter employees discussed selling usernames back in December. The claims suggest that it’s still unknown how far the negotiations went, particularly as the new year approached. It is important to note that this report is based on unidentified sources.

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The current Twitter policy doesn’t allow users to sell their username

Right now, those looking to sell their username on Twitter are prohibited from doing so by Twitter’s policies against “Username squatting.” Musk has advocated “liberating” the usernames from 1.5 billion deleted accounts. These are the accounts that haven’t been used in years.

Twitter would not be the first social media platform to start allowing user-generated usernames. Popular “@” identities have been placed up for sale on the instant messaging program Telegram since last October. Although in that case, the names were being sold for cryptocurrency. The company started selling phony phone numbers that could be used to log into accounts. Anyways, the username business became a financial success with its username auction block.

Telegram’s attempt to regain ownership of some accounts wasn’t entirely successful. A person going by the moniker UmbyUmbreon claimed to have had their Telegram identity seized without notice. The same was reported by Gizmodo. Telegram stated that “No system can perfectly distinguish between a channel being used to squat a username and one of these static placeholders or redirect channels.”

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