Uber Will Soon Start Showing Drivers the Amount They Will Earn Before Accepting a Trip


Uber, the app-based cab booking giant is all set to change the company policies concerning drivers. According to the announcement the company is planning to make the app more client-friendly, the client being the drivers that use the app to ferry passengers around. In the current interface, the drivers can see how much they will get paid and where the trip will end. However, after the user interface is changed drivers will have more power. They will also be able to see other requests in their areas and accept them according to their preferences.

This step will also benefit the users who book the cabs. Since, now the drivers will be able to see the destination leading to fewer cancellation of trip requests. The driver will only accept the request where he/she wants to go.

The estimated fare that will be shown to the driver will be based on a number of factors like surge pricing, trip length, trip duration, traffic, etc. however this estimate will not include wait charges and such, they will be adjusted as the trip progresses if any. This will be fair to both the drivers and the riders as it is more transparent.

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A support document has revealed the aforesaid thing

All of the above information comes from an upfront Fee support document, the document also mentions how on some of the trips the driver will be getting less and on some more. These new features will be rolled out across the USA in the next few months. There are some positives for the driver. As it will also enable them to see on what trips they will get more. In situations where the driver has to go a long distance to pick up the rider, he/she will be paid more. They will see the areas with fewer trip requests and areas with high demand.

The feature where the driver will get to see all the nearby trip requests will be called “trip radar”. Uber will give the drivers freedom to choose which trips they want to go based on their wait and if they are a good match for that particular trip. This does not mean that they will not get individual trip requests. All of these new features will add to the driver’s experience with Uber.

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