YouTube Picture-in-picture Mode Coming Out For iOS devices 

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Youtube’s picture-in-picture mode is one of the most helpful options if not the most helpful when you have to dive deep into the bottomless abyss of content. Their community post hinted at expanding the ambit of the OSs where you can watch the video in a floating window while you go through other video search results. Previously it was available on Android devices and now devices with iOS 15 will also be able to use this.

For all the shade that android users get from users of the iOS ecosystem, they also get a ton of more options than iOS users. The floating window feature was made available for android users years ago. But for iOS users, only those who have Youtube premium get to access this feature irrespective of their geographical location given that their location has the option to subscribe to Youtube premium. For non-premium users from the United States, this option is available on all iPhones and iPads but limited only to “non-music content”.

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YouTube had no set plan to roll out this picture-in-picture feature 

One can assume that Youtube didn’t have a set plan when they started rolling out this feature. Youtube has accepted the same in its blog posts and tweets. The rolling out was not smooth, some got this about a year ago and have enjoyed it while some are still waiting on the “Picture-in-Picture” mode. The company has smartly chosen to not give any specifics about the when instead they have given a vague timeline. Their blog posts were more specific than their tweets stating that the feature will be rolling out on all devices in the next several days. 

You can check for yourself whether you have the floating window feature on your phone or not by going to the youtube app and playing any video, pressing the home button, or going to another app running beside youtube. If your device has this option then the youtube video will keep on playing in a floating window on the screen. 

Another way of checking is to go to the settings on your youtube app and find the option to go to the general settings, if you see a toggle labeled “Picture-in-Picture” then voila your device does have that option.

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