YouTube to Show 5 Ads to Free Users Before Videos 

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We are all familiar with the advertisements on YouTube, whenever you want to watch something on the platform, you will have to go through ads, which none of us wants to see. Moving forward, things are going to get worse as reports tell YouTube has implemented something new. Specifically, if you are not a YouTube premium subscriber, you will have to watch up to 5 ads, before starting a video. 

The recent development came to light when YouTube-free users started complaining on Twitter and Reddit. They mentioned now they have to watch 5 ads before watching a YouTube video, instead of 2. Moreover, several YouTube users reported that they have to go through 5 unskippable ads as opposed to skippable ads. Obviously, this will affect users’ experience, who wants to see ads. 

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YouTube has officially acknowledged the 5 ads strategy 

Furthermore, YouTube issued an official statement regarding the matter through Twitter. The company has acknowledged that they have started showing 5 ads instead of 2. According to YouTube, the new ads are called bumper ads. These kinds of ads are generally 6 seconds long and they are unskippable. 

It is worth mentioning that, not all YouTube free users are receiving 5 ads before the video starts. So, it appears as if the platform is still testing this kind of ad implementation for the ad platform. For now, most of the free users are getting just 2 ads before the video starts. However, we are still not sure if YouTube will start showing 5 ads to all the users or if it will take back this new development completely. 

Further, the company also states that if you have any feedback for the users regarding YouTube’s ad policy, you should feel free to do so. You can send the feedback through the “Send Feedback” tool on YouTube. 

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