“Add a Home” Feature: Netflix’s New Way to Curb Account Sharing 

“Add a Home” Feature: Netflix’s New Way to Curb Account Sharing 

Netflix has recently announced that it will soon begin testing the “add a home” feature. This feature will affect those users that share their passwords with other users and it will come into effect in select countries. For quite a while, Netflix is trying to curb the sharing of passwords among users or gain profit from them, particularly in countries like India. Once the feature is implemented, users accessing a particular Netflix account outside a household will have to pay extra. The feature will first roll out in the following countries-Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras next month.

How the new ‘add a home’ feature will work? 

In the aforesaid regions, users will have to add one home where they can access Netflix on any device. Now, if anyone wants to share their password with users outside their home, the company will ask you to pay a fee. As of now, users are required to pay 219 pesos in Argentina and $2.99 in other countries. The Basic plan users can add one extra home, whereas Standard users can add up to two extra homes. The Premium users can add up to three extra homes. What’s more, users can add or remove the extra home from their account setting page. 

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Chengyi Long, Netflix’s director of product innovation, recently said that -“It’s great that our members love Netflix movies and TV shows so much they want to share them more broadly”. “But today’s widespread account sharing between households undermines our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service.”

Netflix expanding on the same feature 

Netflix has also revealed that it planning to roll out “add extra member” in countries, including Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. The feature works on the same functionality that if a user is sharing their service with people outside their household, they will have to pay extra. The cost for such an addition is less than the cost of the full-priced service. Moreover, there is an upper limit on the number of users who can add from outside their household. 

Furthermore, Netflix also says that it won’t use GPS to implement the new feature. Instead, the company will use the information that it already collects to offer its services to the users. This information includes IP address, device IDs, and more. Using the same, Netflix can identify if persistent sharing is happening outside a household. 

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