All Samsung TVs Features A TV Block Feature To Disable Stolen Units

Samsung Exynos 2022

Samsung recently revealed that the Samsung TV products are pre-loaded with Television Block Function. However, it only works when you know the serial code of the unit. So, if your TV gets stolen and you know the serial code, you can block your TV, once it gets connected to the internet. The serial number will first be matched with numbers in the official database on the company’s server. If a match result is found then all of the TV’s functions will be disabled.

Samsung made use of Television Block last month during looting and unrest in South Africa. As many of its sets were stolen from the company’s Cato Ridge distribution center. Moreover, the sets were stolen directly from Samsung. So they knew which serial numbers to block.

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Mike Van Lier, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa, recently said that “In keeping with our values to leverage the power of technology to resolve societal challenges, we will continuously develop and expand strategic products in our consumer electronics division with defense-grade security, purpose-built, with innovative and intuitive business tools designed for a new world. This technology can have a positive impact at this time, and will also be of use to both the industry and customers in the future,”.

Meanwhile, we are not sure if Samsung TV owners can report the serial numbers to the company. So that the company can activate the block. Or if the service is just limited to large-scale thefts from Samsung stores or warehouses.

In any case, the TV Block feature will definitely help in deterring thieves. However, there is a downside as well. If someone manages to hack this feature, they can brick the sets remotely rendering the TV useless.

Users can get their accidentally blocked TV sets unblocked this way

Furthermore, Samsung has also said that if someone’s television is blocked accidentally they have to send their proof of purchase to

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