BMW Reveals A Color-Changing Car At CES 2022

BMW color-changing car
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Color-changing car sound like fiction more than reality. It is something you might get to see in a James bond movie. However, now BMW has made the color-changing car a reality.

The company will introduce the fully-electric BMW iX at CES 2022. It is produced with the help of E Ink displays. It is the same technology that is used on-screen as a Kindle e-reader. Once the car is covered with E Ink panels; special layers are coated on them to protect against outer elements.

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The company showcased that the modified BMW iX can switch from white to black. Plus, you can also select one of the colors from black and white. Obviously, the new feature from the company works quite well. However, you will notice a triangular pattern on the bodywork, when white. Physical makeup is one likely reason for the same. Anyways, you couldn’t notice the triangular pattern from a distance.

Moreover, BMW has also revealed that it is possible to add other colors to the car, even though currently the colors are limited to black and white. It will surely open the possibility of some variety of options for the consumers in the future. It is important to note that the company will expand the use of this tech to other aspects of the car.

Specifically, BMW has said that it can use the tech on particular areas of a car, including the grille, to offer different appearances. It can even be applied to license plates.

Additionally, it is possible for companies to display information with cars if they use this technology on its exterior; just like it is possible on e-readers.

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