Eight Fake Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Removed From Play Store By Google

Fake Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

Cryptocurrency mining has been in trend for a while now, and it has gained more fandom over the last couple of months. However, all is not well with mining. Hackers are using it as a tool to trick innocent people into downloading malicious software with malware and adware on their smartphones. In a recent development, some of the fake cryptocurrency mining apps have been identified by Google and removed from the Play Store. 

Specifically, Google has removed a total of 8 apps from Play Store. All of these apps were imitating cryptocurrency mining apps. They were promising users huge returns by investing in a cloud-mining operation.

Recently, Trend Micro, a security firm, reported that during an investigation, the aforesaid eight apps were tricking victims into watching ads or making them subscribe to services with $15 as average monthly fees. These apps were also taking payments from users as a part of increased mining capabilities without getting anything in return. Soon after, Trend Micro reported whatever they found during the investigation to Google. After which, Google removed all of the apps from Play Store. The important thing to note here is that these apps may have already been downloaded on your device. If that is the case, you should remove them quickly from your device. We have listed the fake cryptocurrency mining apps below. 

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List of fake cryptocurrency mining apps removed from Play Store

Here are the apps that you should remove from your device right away. 

  • BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet
  • Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System
  • Bitcoin 2021
  • MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining & BTC miner
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

According to the platform, two of the apps mentioned above are paid apps. Users had to pay $12.99 to download Crypto Holic-Bitcoin Cloud mining. On the other hand, they were required to pay $5.99 to download Bitcoin Rewards- a cloud-based mining system.

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