Google TV To Allow Users To Stream Free TV Channels Moving Forward

Google TV
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Google TV on Chromecast and smart TVs will soon be getting the functionality to stream TV channels for free. As of now, Google TV just allows users to stream content for various streaming apps, along with offering personalized content recommendations to the users. But that is going to change now.

A recent Protocol report suggests that Google was in talks with several companies for adding Free ad-supported streaming television channels to Google TV. The channels will feature the look and feel of traditional TV channels. Moreover, just like typical channels, these channels will have ad breaks and on-screen graphics similar to regular broadcasts.

What’s more, Google is planning to unveil the free streaming channels on Google TV by this fall. Specifically, the company could introduce the service at the Made by Google event. This is the same event where we are expecting the launch of Pixel 6. However, it is important to note that, the plans are still in making. So, we could have to wait till early 2022 for the launch of this product.

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TVs channels will likely be available in the Chromecast’s Live tab

The free TV channels might be available in Chromecast’s Live tab. As of now, the tab features paid TV services like YouTube TV and Sling. Additionally, the channels might be shown alongside over-the-air programming that’s accessible through antennas, on smart TVs running Google TV.

Furthermore, this is not the first time something like this is happening. Samsung has used and still using a similar strategy. Samsung has added free channels to its smart TV platform via Samsung TV Plus. Users stream billions of minutes of content through the Samsung platform. Besides that, Amazon and Roku have also added adopted a similar strategy.

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