Microsoft Working on An Advertisement Program That Will Allow Brands to Advertise in F2P Xbox Games

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It isn’t a dream, and the title isn’t misleading. When it comes to Free to Play games on the Xbox platform; it appears like Microsoft is essentially leading the race in terms of ads. According to a recent rumor, Microsoft is essentially working on a advertisement program to get brands to advertise to Xbox customers in Free to Play games.

This report comes from Business Insider; it basically implies that we’ll start seeing adverts inside F2P games in the future as Microsoft develops the necessary tools. This new program will expand Xbox’s restricted ad inventory by allowing more developers to sell ad space and introducing more titles which marketers may promote.

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Advertisement program to release in third quarter of 2022

Microsoft could launch the advertisement program as soon as the third quarter of this year, according to BI’s sources. The advertisements may appear as digitally produced billboards in a racing or open-world adventure game. Of course, there are alternative ways to deliver ads, ranging from non-intrusive to totally intrusive; but Microsoft hasn’t said if it will pursue these options.

“We are always looking at ways to improve the experience for gamers and developers, but we don’t have anything else to disclose,” an Xbox spokeswoman told Business Insider when questioned about the new venture in ads.

What’s intriguing is the financial side of things. According to both sources from BI, Microsoft isn’t interested in taking a piece of ad income; it is instead focused on expanding the Xbox ad network.

Naturally, not just anyone will be able to place advertisements on Xbox’s Free to Play games. According to the sources, Microsoft is concerned about how obtrusive these adverts might be for players. As a result, it’s taking things slowly and plans to develop a “secret marketplace” where just a few firms can display adverts in games without interfering with the gameplay.

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