Samsung Announced HDR10+ Gaming That Supports VRR, HDR

Samsung Exynos 2022

Samsung has announced its gaming-specific alternative to Dolby Vision. Specifically, Samsung is planning to introduce a new HDR10+  that will support  VRR, HDR auto-calibration, and low latency tone-mapping .

Gaming in HDR10+

Samsung unveiled and explained its plans to enhance the HDR10+ format for gaming on consoles and in the cloud at the Samsung Developer Conference 2021.

– “Today, Samsung Electronics introduces a new HDR10+ extension for video games,” said Bonggil Bak, Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics’ SW R&D Group.

Three pillars will support the new HDR10+ Gaming extension:

  • Low Latency Source Tone Mappings
  • VRR (Variable Refresh Rates)
  • Automated HDR Calibration

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HDR10+ with VRR

HDR10+ for gaming will enable VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) up to 120Hz, according to the company. In 2022, the first HDR10+ Gaming TVs and displays will be available.

“And this function (VRR) will be accessible from certain HDR10+ game TVs and displays up to 120Hz next year,” Bonggil Bak stated.

It’s unclear whether any current HDR10+ compatible TVs will be able to be updated to support HDR10+ gaming. In the TV Database, you can find which TV brands (and models) presently support HDR10+.

Automated HDR calibration

FlatpanelsHD thinks that Samsung’s Automated HDR Calibration is based on the HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group), of which Samsung is an official member.

“During the handshaking, a display provides its panel properties to the game’s HDR10+ processing block. On receiving the physical attributes from the display the game automatically performs its HDR10+ video output optimization for the given display without the user having to do it manually,” explained Bonggil Bak. “This process is not only convenient but also very effectively preserves the original creative intent of the game creators.”

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