The biggest feature of Google TV, Chromecast, is being delayed.

Google TV Chromecast

Individual user profiles, which were one of the most beneficial and anticipated Chromecast with Google TV features, have been put back until next year, according to Google. Chromecast with Google TV customers will have to wait a little longer for the functionality. That should release in the last month.

Google scheduled individual user accounts to debut in November 2021, according to The Verge. However, things appear to have altered, as Google spokesperson Ivy Hunt informed The Verge that the feature will now be available “in the next months,” without providing any other information.

That’s a pity because the function should provide individualized profiles and suggestions for movies and TV episodes based on the user’s preferences. Given the wide range of settings and features that may be configured across unique profiles. It’s understandable that Google would require additional time to perfect the update before releasing it.

Individual user profiles for Chromecast with Google TV will allow users to create their own customizable profiles. They will then try to adapt their viewing experience depending on the movies and shows they already watch. Not only that, but the profiles feature will be Google Assistant compatible. Implying that the service would have to accommodate a variety of voices in a multi-user home. Previously, Google Assistant was only available to the primary account holder, but with individual user profiles, the voice assistant is now available to everyone who has registered for the device.

Following the deployment of user profiles, Google is planning to introduce a “glanceable cards” function. That will display brief cards of information such as the weather, news, and other suggestions while your smart TV is kept idle. The company will do it per profile. And it’s possible that this is another feature Google is working on before releasing its new profiles.

Are profiles really that beneficial?

If you live alone or with one other person, profiles may not be as relevant to your Chromecast with Google TV experience, but they may be quite handy in a home with numerous individuals.

Having the ability to alter profiles per person will make exploring your favorite material (and stuff you might enjoy) easier than having a single, global profile controlled by the account holder.

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