Ubuntu OS Jammy Jellyfish Version Released

Jammy Jellyfish
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Canonical has made the latest LTS (long-term support) version of its Ubuntu operating system available. Version 22.04, often known as Jammy Jellyfish, is the 36th version in the Linux distribution’s history, dating back to 1994’s 4.10 Warty Warthog, which is widely regarded as the start of it all.

LTS versions are supported for five years, and instead of a flurry of new features and hardware support; they tend to be followed by a succession of point releases in which following non-LTS releases’ innovations are integrated in.

However, Jammy Jellyfish introduces a few alterations. The desktop is primarily Gnome 42; however there are a few programmes and libraries from prior versions that are still present. This is due to Gnome 42’s core app ports; which Canonical determined needed additional testing before being published to the wider desktop, therefore previous versions were retained instead.

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While the default orange colour scheme and side-dock are similar to previous versions of the Debian-based distribution; there are numerous cosmetic modifications. There’s a light and dark mode, as well as the option to change the accent colour if you don’t like the original orange. Wayland is now the default display server; with Xorg still available for users with Nvidia GPUs who may run into problems. Virtual desktops and the app switcher now flow horizontally rather than vertically, and Wayland is now the default display server, with Xorg still available for users with Nvidia GPUs who may run into problems.

Other Jammy Jellyfish Details

There are more changes beneath the surface. Jammy is the first version of the OS designed to function well on the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB; a hardware previously neglected by the OS owing to its lack of RAM. The kernel is 5.15 LTS. As a result, it should work smoothly on Pi 4 boards with additional RAM.

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