Xiaomi Phones Aren’t Loaded With Hidden Censorship Tools, Reveals A New Report

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In September 2021, Lithuania alleged that Xiaomi has pre-loaded its devices with censorship tools that could allow the company to censor specific terms. However, the company has denied any and everything related to the matter. Things don’t stop there as now another agency has reported in line with the earlier rumors.

For people who are not familiar with the issues, previous reports suggested that the company is facing allegations in the country. What’s more, the government has even started telling citizens to throw away the Chinese branded devices. As previously discussed, reports suggest that the company has loaded the devices with censorship tools that can detect certain terms and censor them. The company in response hired a third-party cyber security expert to look into the matter.

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Moreover, a German IT watchdog group has started their own scrutiny to find out the truth behind the matter. However, the group didn’t find anything to support the claims of the reports. These are the exact words from the IT group:

“As a result, [we were] unable to identify any anomalies that would require further investigation or other measures” (Via Reuters).

This means only one thing the group couldn’t find anything to back up the Lithuanian government’s claims.

If we talk about the matter in detail, reports claimed that terms, including “free Tibet,” “long live Taiwan independence,” and “democracy movement” were sensitive terms. As a result, the company added software to identify and censor them.

We will have to wait to see Lithuania’s government response to the report. Anyways, the reports didn’t affect smartphone sales at all; in fact, they became a huge hit in the region.

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