Amazon Luna TV Release Date and Official Launch 


The retail behemoth Amazon revealed its Amazon Luna cloud gaming service in September 2020.

It wasn’t a great surprise at the time; rumors about the retail behemoth Amazon developing a service to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia had been circulating for quite some time. Cloud gaming is still a distant second to PC and console gaming, but Amazon is one of a rising number of firms attempting to alter that.

However, work toward a widely available version has been gradual. Luna was originally accessible exclusively to individuals who were invited, and it remained in “early access” for over 18 months. It is now open to everyone, but only in the United States. 

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Luna.

Amazon Luna Release Date

Luna was formally introduced during an Amazon event on September 24, 2020, while the firm has not said when the service would be generally accessible.

But after 18 months this finally happened. Luna was ultimately made accessible to the general public on March 1, 2022, after a protracted “early access” period.

However, it is still confined to the continental United States. There’s no news on when it’ll be offered abroad; that might depend on how well it’s welcomed by consumers in the United States.

What is the Price of Amazon Luna?

Luna is officially accessible to everyone in the US, with a basic Luna+ membership costing US$5.99 per month – which looks to be the usual pricing for the time being. There is, however, a 7-day free trial available.

However, you are not required to pay. Prime members get free access to a limited number of games; this is a rolling selection that changes regularly. Visit the Amazon website to see the current selection.

If the Luna+ and Prime Gaming lineups don’t entice you, you can also join up for Ubisoft Plus. This costs $17.99 a month and gives you access to popular games such as Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Far Cry 6.

Both offer up to 1080p resolution at 60fps, however, Ubisoft+ only supports one device at a time, whilst Luna+ supports two.

A subscription exclusively for Jackbox’s party games ($4.99) and vintage titles under the Retro channel ($4.99) are also available.

There’s also a $2.99 Family Channel with kid-friendly games. Each of these subscriptions may be used alone or in conjunction with one another; you no longer need to pay for Luna first to get Ubisoft+.

The Luna Controller, which is intended to be used in conjunction with the service, is now available for purchase in the United States. It is normally $69.99 but is presently on sale for $49.99. You may also combine it with a Phone Clip attachment ($62.98) at this point.

However, Luna is also compatible with the Xbox One controller, the DualShock 4 (PS4), the Razer Kishi, and a standard mouse and keyboard.

How Does Amazon Luna Operate?

Luna is a cloud-based gaming service, which means it plays games in the cloud and transmits visuals and audio to your local device. Your controller delivers inputs to the cloud over the internet, allowing you to control the game from anywhere.

To use Luna, you must have a suitable device, such as a computer or phone, as well as a high-speed internet connection. There is no Luna console, but you may access the service through Fire TV if you want to utilize Amazon hardware.

Luna is a subscription service, which means you must pay a monthly charge to utilize it. It’s similar to Netflix for games in that you pay a monthly membership fee to access a library of games rather than buying individual ones.

Because Luna is a cloud-based service, you may play on your phone, PC, Fire TV, and other devices without losing your progress. Your gaming progress is maintained in the cloud, and you may even swap devices in real-time while playing if, for example, someone wants to watch TV and you need to switch to your phone.

How do I Access Amazon Luna?

It couldn’t be simpler now that Luna is no longer in early access. Simply go to Amazon and sign in to your account. Then choose either ‘Play free with Prime’ or one of the other membership options.

You may cancel at any time, just as with the regular Prime membership.

Remember, this is only accessible if you live in the United States – but you may be able to circumvent that by using a VPN.

Amazon Luna Advantages

In addition to playing cloud-based games in a Netflix-like environment, Luna has planned to enable features like these as well:

  • 4K UHD gaming
  • HDR
  • Stream to two devices at once
  • Seamlessly transition between devices
  • Online multiplayer
  • Local co-op (up to four controllers)

Games on Amazon Luna

You’ll discover games from most of your favorite developers and publishers, as well as titles from Amazon’s gaming studios, on Luna. 

The majority of these games operate in 1080p at 60 frames per second, with others running in full 4K UHD.

On Luna, you may play the following games:

  • Control
  • Ryme
  • ABZU
  • Bloodstained
  • Lumines
  • WonderBoy
  • Two Point Hospital
  • Sonic Mania Plus
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
  • Resident Evil 7
  • The Surge 2
  • Iconoclasts
  • Grid

There are a plethora of more games accessible via the various memberships, all of which can be discovered on the Amazon website.

As soon as we learn more about Luna, we’ll update this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Luna free for Prime members?

Yes, Amnesia Rebirth, The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match Final Edition, Mortal Shell, and Tracks are among the free Luna games available to Prime members in April. These titles are in addition to Amazon’s regular free Prime Games.

Is Amazon Luna active?

Amazon Luna is now available in the United States, featuring free games for Prime members and other perks. Amazon Luna, the firm’s cloud-based game streaming service, is now available to everyone in the United States. Luna was initially introduced by Amazon in September 2020.

Is Amazon Luna no longer in beta?

Luna is still in early access, which means that a Luna+ membership is available for an “introductory price” of US$5.99 a month – which looks to be the regular pricing for the time being. There is, however, a 7-day free trial available. If the Luna+ roster doesn’t entice you, you can also join up for Ubisoft Plus.

How many people use Amazon Luna?

Users may subscribe to one, two, or all three channels. The Luna+ Channel costs $5.99 per month for “early access.” This membership package provides customers with access to an ever-expanding portfolio of games, which they may play on up to two devices at the same time.

Can I watch Luna on my television?

Yes, the minimum required internet speed to stream with Luna is 10 Mbps. Chrome (versions 86 and above) and Android 9+ version.


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