Adaptive Charging Being Rolled Out for Chrome OS

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Google is adding an Adaptive Charging feature to Chrome OS. It will enhance the battery life of the devices, which is obviously helpful for the users. However, Google has not revealed that feature as of now; it is still in development as indicated in a newly posted code change announcement. Google initially implemented something called Adaptive Charging to boost the battery life of Pixel devices. The company has enhanced the feature in Pixel phones through a recent Android 12 release. What’s more, other manufacturers are following the ways of Google and providing charging optimization to their users.

According to 9to5Google, Google is adding the Adaptive Charging feature to Chrome OS as well. The platform spotted it as a new feature in development for Chrome OS. It is worth mentioning that the Chrome OS feature will be a bit different from the Pixel features. Specifically, the feature will target to reduce the time Chromebooks spend at 100% charge. On the other hand, the Adaptive Charge for Pixel devices was meant to slow charge them; in case they are plugged in overnight to prolong their battery life.

Obviously, users handle Chromebooks differently when compared to Android devices. On Chromebooks, the feature will try to study usage patterns with the help of machine learning techniques. After studying the pattern, it will implement a particular charging speed. It will not delay the charging of the Chromebook process; what it will do is find a way that will have the least impact on the battery. In addition to that, Google might also inform the users about the enabling of Adaptive Charging; at least that is what the code suggests. Plus, the company might also add an option to disable these notifications.

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Chrome OS Adaptive Charging release timeline

Google has not released the exact timeline for the release of Adaptive Charging for Chrome OS. In fact, we are not even sure whether this feature will remain limited to new Chromebooks or it will arrive for other models as well.

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