Apple Removed AirTags Battery Status Icon From Find My App 

Apple AirTags

Apple introduced a battery status icon in the Find My app to make things easier for the users. It allowed users to monitor the health of their CR2032 cells. However, the company has removed the feature in the latest iOS 15.6 update and iOS 16 betas, at least it appears that way. Since users are not able to view the battery status. 

AirTags users will still receive a notification about low battery, a Dutch blog, was the first to spot the battery indicator. The previous versions of Apple iOS had a small battery icon below the AirTag’s name and location in the Find My app. It looked somewhat similar to the iPhone battery status. The icon made it easier for people to know when it is time to change the battery of the AirTags. 

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It is worth noting that the battery status icon didn’t tell users the battery percentage. However, it still made it easier for the users to notice any change in the battery levels. Users do receive a low battery notification when the battery of AirTags is running low. Nevertheless, it was better to have a way to monitor battery life. Anyways, moving forward you will still receive the notification but not the battery level icon unless the charge level is in red. What’s more, Apple didn’t mention that it remove the icon, it has done it silently. We are not hearing any news from the company so it feels the move is intentional. 

Furthermore, Apple has also removed the battery status from the latest macOS and watchOS as well. It recently rolled out the new update for macOS and watchOS which removed the battery icon. 

It is important to reiterate that Apple has not revealed anything about the change. Now, it appears as if the reason for the change could be the icon was not displaying the correct data. 

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