Apple Watch Series 7 may be delayed owing to manufacturing and quality concerns.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is shaping up to be a significant advance over the Watch Series 6 from last year. Some of the reported characteristics of the next Apple Watch include a double-sided S series CPU. Also, it will add a larger battery, a larger display, and a whole new flat-edge design. However, according to a recent rumor, Apple is having production difficulties with the apple watch. So, it might cause the Apple Watch Series 7 to be delayed.

According to Nikkei Asia, manufacturing has suffered as a result of the forthcoming Apple Watch sporting a “complicated design” — which is most likely the new flat-edge design.

The reason for the delay is as follows:

Multiple sources familiar with the issue indicated that manufacturers of the Apple Watch 7, as the gadget is anticipated to be dubbed, began small-scale manufacturing last week but ran into major problems in achieving adequate production performance.

According to three sources, the present poor manufacturing quality is due to the watch’s complicated design, which is considerably different from prior generations, and assemblers discovered problems when fitting electronics modules, components, and screens together.

Apple has temporarily “halted” manufacturing of the new watch as engineers seek to further verify the designs before launching into mass production as a result of the delay.

Nikkei Asia reports that Watch Series 7 will have blood pressure monitoring. According to the study, the new sensor should meet the criteria for water-resistance performance, which it does not, further exacerbating the technical and production problems.

Since Nikkei Asia’s news, Bloomberg has also reported the same, thus the Watch Series 7 is anticipated to be delayed. Apple normally debuts its wristwatch at the same time as the iPhone, however last year it did so with the iPad Air. However, it does not appear that the firm will introduce the smartwatch this month.

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