Apple Watch Series 8 Will Come Equipped with a New Temperature Sensor


In the near future, Apple aims to add a variety of advanced health sensors to the Apple Watch. The device might monitor vital signs including blood pressure and glucose levels. That’s according to reports, which also state that the features are still in development. Apple may take several years to implement them. While the Apple Watch Series 8 may not include such advanced sensors, it may include the company’s first-ever temperature sensor.

According to a well-informed Apple insider, this is the case. Last year, he believes, Apple wanted to include a temperature sensor in the Series 7. However, the algorithm fell short.

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Challenge for Temperature sensor

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, “Apple abandoned body temperature measurement for Apple Watch 7 since the algorithm failed to qualify before entering EVT stage last year.” “I believe the Apple Watch 8 will be able to detect body temperature in 2H22 assuming the algorithm meets Apple’s stringent requirements before mass production.”

The engineering validation test phase of a device’s production cycle is known as EVT(engineering validation test). This is when producers put actual prototypes of the new product through their paces. According to a rumor, the iPhone 14 entered its EVT stage more than a month ago.

Kuo went into greater detail on the temperature sensor troubles that the Apple Watch team had. “The difficulty in adopting exact body temperature measurement is that skin temperature varies rapidly depending on outside conditions,” he explained. “Because a smartwatch’s hardware cannot enable core temperature sensing, it requires an outstanding algorithm to function in tandem.”

Aside from Kuo’s accuracy, it’s too early to know if the Apple Watch Series 8 will include a temperature sensor this year. Furthermore, the analyst stated that getting the science right is a challenge for other market participants. Samsung is also having difficulty with comparable algorithms. According to Kuo, the Galaxy Watch 5, that will release in the second half of the year, will not feature temperature readings.

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Rumoured Apple Watch 8 Features

Kuo isn’t the first to mention Apple’s interest in using the Apple Watch to measure temperature. According to other speculations, the Series 8 will include a skin temperature sensor.

The sensor could be used in fertility planning as well as monitoring changes in skin temperature that could indicate the presence of illness.

Simultaneously, we’ve heard claims to the opposite, claiming that Apple might not offer the functionality.

Aside from the thermometer, the Apple Watch Series 8 should improve health and fitness tracking over its predecessors. According to reports, the smartphone would detect Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) better than earlier models. One enhancement will be the ability to tell consumers how frequently they are in AFib.

Finally, according to rumors, watchOS 9 will include upgrades for existing exercises. Furthermore, the Apple Watch Series 8 may include features to measure women’s health.

Improvements to sleep and fitness tracking, as well as medication management functions, might arrive in the new OS. Some of these capabilities could be unveiled at WWDC 2022, which takes place in mid-June.

The Apple Watch Series 8 announcement, on the other hand, is more than four months away. Apple would not announce if the wearable has a temperature sensor until mid-September.


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