Chromebook Cameras Affected After Installing New System Updates

Chromebook Cameras Affected After Installing New System Updates
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Isn’t it true that updating your smartphone makes it better? It’s aggravating when operating system updates cause new issues rather than fixing existing ones; as we recently saw when Google Assistant began speaking in the wrong language with Android Auto. Now it’s Chromebook users’ turn to suffer. Now, it as it appears that a Chrome OS upgrade has rendered certain Chromebook cameras inoperable for the time being.

According to reports from a number of users on Reddit, their Chromebook cameras stopped working after a Chrome OS update. It is worth noting that ARM powers most of the afflicted devices. What’s more, customers allege that it doesn’t matter what program accesses the camera; the camera simply stops working after updating to Chrome OS 100 (and potentially even 99). The indicator light illuminates, and the Chromebook emits a shutter sound, but no images are produced.

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At least four laptops — the Acer Chromebook 14, HP Chromebook x2 11, Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook 5, and the Lenovo 10e — have the issue, according to About Chromebooks, with the Acer being the only one with a distinct architecture (an Intel Celeron chip, compared to the Qualcomm or MediaTek ARM chipsets in the rest). Even power washing (essentially a factory reset) appears to be ineffective.

The good news is that Google is aware of the issue and is supposedly investigating it, with a statement on Reddit stating that a patch will be available in the coming days.
Google recently released new system updates for Chromebook but after receiving the updates their camera stopped working.

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