Google To Remove Controls For OnHub Routers By 2022 End

Onhub routers
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It is not hidden that Google is quite stubborn about its cloud-based controls for its networking products. This has caused quite a few headaches even when it was made to make life easier with OnHub routers simple. However, things are going to change now; people still using the OnHub will have to find alternatives by the next year. Google will no longer allow users to update their device’s settings. According to users, Google has sent them an email stating the same. On top of that, a support page also disclosed that the switch-over will take place on December 19th, 2022. 

When it was still uncommon for Google to produce their own hardware; Google partnered with TP-Link and then Asus to create OnHub routers. These routers were essentially designed to blend in with the rest of your home. They had attractive smartphone apps to simplify setup and controls. Plus, they also feature a style that fits in, making them more likely to be placed in a central area to improve WiFi coverage.

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People would be more likely to install them in a central spot if they were styled to match interior décor. They even had elegant smartphone apps to control them, so you didn’t have to shift through cluttered menus. However, those apps are no longer available since the settings have been combined into Google’s Home app.

Google is offering Nest Wi-Fi with a 40% discount on its part

The routers will continue to function after the shutdown date. However, you won’t be able to change their settings, download updates, or perform much troubleshooting. Now, Google is providing a 40% discount on a Nest Wifi unit. It should save a lot of money compared to the current prices, which start at $149 for a base unit and $189 for a base and one extender.

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