Here’s why some MacBook Pro owners are unhappy with MagSafe 3 charging.

MacBook Pro MagSafe 3

When the MacBook Pro is switched off and the lid is closed, the MagSafe 3 connector fails to deliver the promised charge, according to a few MacBook Pro users who have the 16-inch version of the gadget. According to Macrumors, some 16-inch MacBook Pro models and their 140W MagSafe 3 chargers are having a problem. The MagSafe light is on, but the MacBook isn’t charging when the MacBook Pro is switched off. Some customers have called Apple Support to try to figure out what’s going on, but with various degrees of success.

Generally, a steady orange light indicates that the MacBook is charging, while a green light indicates MacBook is fully charged. When the MacBook Pro is closed, the light on the Magsafe charger flashes amber continuously, followed by the standard macOS charging sound effect, according to the complaint by a few MacBook Users. If the MagSafe charger’s amber light starts flashing, it typically means something isn’t operating correctly.

When the problem occurs:

The problem only occurs when the MacBook is switched off or the lid is closed. When the MacBook Pro is connected to the MagSafe charger in on state and then turned off, the MagSafe 3 charger continues to charge the MacBook as planned.

This problem only occurs when certain customers try to connect to the MagSafe charger when the MacBook is turned off.

According to the claim, not every 16-inch MacBook Pro should have this issue because the one that was tested couldn’t recreate the error. However, numerous other users are experiencing the same problem, which the tech giant is likely to fix in the coming days.

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