iPad Mini 6 Display Facing A Jelly Scrolling Issue

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The iPad Mini 6 debuted to much acclaim this week courtesy of its radically modern design and latest-generation A15 CPU. However, as users are receiving their new iPads, a common problem is becoming apparent. When content moves quickly around the screen, one side of the iPad mini 6 display appears to refresh slower than the other, causing a noticeable wobbling effect down the middle of the screen.

One user reported that when they went to the Apple Store to get their iPad Mini 6 repaired their allegedly broken iPad mini; discovered that all of the demo tablets on display had the same problem.

The right side of the display updates faster than the left side while gazing at the iPad mini in portrait mode with the camera at the top. When the page is turned upside down, the left side will now update faster than the right. Surprisingly, when using the iPad mini in landscape mode, the lag is much harder to detect.

Dieter Bohn, a reporter for The Verge, caught the situation well in a slow-mo video; he published it on Twitter. Half of the screen updates while the other half lags behind.

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The reason behind the display issue iPad Mini 6

It’s unknown whether this is due to a problem with the LCD screen, the display controllers, or a firmware or software issue. It’s possible that the display signals are just reaching half of the screen faster since the display controllers are located on the side rather than the bottom or top, in which case the problem is an inherent result of the hardware design. Moreover, other iPad models do not have this issue, or if they do, it is far less obvious. 

Apple’s displays normally meet a very high standard of quality, and other iPad models do not have this issue. The 120Hz refresh rate on iPad Pro models helps to disguise any sync difficulties when in motion.

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