MC888 Flagship: ZTE unveils the world’s 1st Wi-Fi 7 consumer-ready product

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When the market is already flooded with new technologies and cut-throat competition; ZTE has decided to offer the faster consumer-ready internet solution with MWC convention this year i.e, Wi-Fi-7. During MWC 2022, ZTE has introduced its first consumer-ready product known as ZTE MC888 Flagship. MC888 Flagship being a wi-fi 7 5G CPE device works by receiving cellular data such as 4G LTE/5G. It then converts it into Wi-Fi signals for users for better connectivity. 

Usually, CPEs are most commonly used in hospitals, factories, and villages. They help in saving the cost and hassle by installing fiber optic cables in these areas. The device supports global Sub6 and mmWave frequency bands thanks to ZTE’s smart antenna X technology. 

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Features of MC88

According to recent reports, MC888 Flagship holds the record for the world’s fastest Wi-Fi7 solution and it supports 2.4GHz/5GHz/6Hz frequency bands up to a speed of 19GBps speeds if three bands are utilized accurately. 

As the router runs on wi-fi technology, it offers many new features like- a bandwidth of 320MHz, multi-link operation (MLO), and 4K QAM. Plus, Wi-Fi 7 also brings wider signal coverage which supports users to connect the network at once.

Furthermore, ZTE also mentions that the MC888 flagship was designed to resemble a futuristic outer-space rocket. There are 3 sets of color-changing strips on the side of the router. Moreover, ZTE is also equipped with the fastest 10 Gigabit ethernet port which makes it reliable for providing 10 Gigabit connections for computers and smart TVs, etc.

ZTE claims that they will bring this innovative Wi-Fi 7 MC888 Flagship by the end of 2022.

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