New Google Nest Router Spotted in FCC filing

Google Nest

Google is planning its next big move in the virtual assistant technology game. If the new FCC filing reports are to be believed. Then google has filed for a new device with model number A4R-G6ZUC which is pretty similar to model numbers of previous devices by google in the virtual assistant game. 

The company already has a Nest router (the point) that works as a virtual assistant for your home and the tech giant plans to release an updated version of this router with Wi-Fi 6E and thread mesh networking radios. The updated Nest will also work on low energy-consuming technology. 

9to5 Google, earlier this year confirmed that Google will come out with a new version of the Nest router and now the same outlet has put their name on the news that this device with the above model number is that updated Nest. The pictures are still not available but the tech used in the said device has 6 antennas –

  • 2 x 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual band antennas for BT, Thread, 5GHz Wi-Fi Primary
  • 2 x 5GHz Wi-Fi Diversity
  • 2 x 2.4GHz / 6GHz dual band antennas for Wi-Fi

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The new Google Nest Router features the latest Wi-Fi 6E

The latest Wi-Fi 6E technology reduces the interference in the signal and provides the fastest possible speed. The updated Nest will use the Wi-Fi 6E tech. The compatible devices will get faster connectivity. Devices that are not 6E compatible will also get a bump in the speed because this tech clears out the noise in the network. The only possible drawback can be that higher frequency in most cases means low range. How has Google dealt with that remains to be seen? 

This new spectrum will not challenge the previous theoretical Wi-Fi 6 speed of 9.6Gbps but then there will be a slight improvement in the speeds that you get in wireless connections. The speeds that you will see will be around 2 Gbps and above with the least possible latency.

It will also have the thread an interoperability standard tech that google adopted. The interoperability standard is known as Matter and the previous Nest Wi-Fi, HomePod Mini also had it so, the updated version of Nest will surely have it. This tech creates a separate network, all the smart machines in your home hop onto this network and the whole experience becomes more reliable and responsive.

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