Pixel Watch Doesn’t Support Wireless Charging

Google Pixel Watch
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Consumers who placed preorders for the Google Pixel Watch during the launch have begun receiving their orders. When people got their hands on it, they started testing the Pixel Watch’s wireless charging capabilities on the Pixel and other phones with reverse wireless charging turned on, and it appeared to work for some.

The Verge’s wearable tech critic Victoria Song has also attempted the same thing with her Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 Pro. She charged the Pixel Watch by placing it on the back of her Android handset using the battery-sharing option. Evidently, it was only effective for ten seconds.

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Pixel watch doesn’t offer Qi charging or reverse charging

The Watch displays charging activity without giving any other indication that it is not actually functioning. And even when the watch is discharging, that indicator remains constant. We anticipate Google changing that in a subsequent version.

Right now, anything other than the official charger will be a case of “your results may vary.” However, it appears from our tests thus far that nothing actually functions.

Despite the fact that many people find the Pixel Watch charging scenario fascinating, it turns out that wireless charging is not the best approach to power the watch.

Unfortunately, unless we can establish any kind of standard for these gadgets, we will have to rely on proprietary chargers for smartwatches and other wearables.

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