Qualcomm Aptx Lossless Codec Brings Lossless Bluetooth To Snapdragon Sound

Qualcomm aptX lossless
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Qualcomm has introduced aptX Lossless codec, which the company is promoting as a solution to transfer audio files over Bluetooth in a bit-perfect manner. The extension is introduced as a plugin of Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive technology and as a part of the Snapdragon Sound ecosystem. The codec could deliver up to 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio; we are expecting a CD-quality performance.

However, it is worth noting that over the last few years we have seen many audio codecs claiming they can offer lossless playback over Bluetooth. But this time the things look different as the new codec from Qualcomm can actually work. The company is confident about its codec as it has introduced it as a part of an overall ecosystem. The exosystem covers the source, the form of transmission, and the strategy that is used in the receiver.

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Working of aptX Lossless codec

The aptX Lossless from Qualcomm includes several different series of parts, which together offer a bit-perfect stream. The tech firm then user aptX Adaptive to transfer Audio files over Bluetooth to deliver CD lossless audio quality.

According to the company, aptX Adaptive, as the name suggests, adapts the signal strength and ensures an optimal connection between the source and the receiver. Then, with the help of its Bluetooth High-Speed Link technology, it achieves the “required sustainable data throughput”.

At its peak, the system is capable of offering transmission rates beyond 1Mbit/s. And it can seamlessly scale down to 140kbit/s in busy areas to minimize any audio dropout. So, you won’t receive the peak transfer rates most of the time, but the throughput is still more than many codecs, including LDAC from Sony.

You should note that you will need wireless equipment that is compatible with the Qualcomm ecosystem, to achieve these transfer rates. From what we know older headphones won’t be compatible with the new technology. Anyways, many companies are moving towards releasing their first Snapdragon Sound products, including Audio Technica, Master & Dynamic, Cleer Audio, and more.

Qualcomm could release aptX Lossless by late 2021 as part of Snapdragon Sound.

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