Restricted Mode Can Filter Out Adult Content on Google TV

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Google TV isn’t really a substitute for Android TV; it’s more of a skin that runs on top of it. Users like it a lot, even though much of the hardware it operates on could use a little more power. What’s more, if you spend your weekends with your family watching movies, a tool presently under development could make browsing safer for younger viewers. While we wait for Google TV to get full profile compatibility; the firm is working on a new Restricted Mode for profiles. 9to5Google discovered certain things in the most recent launcher update. It suggests that adult profiles may soon be able to hide material that is potentially harmful to children.

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This option would be distinct from the child profiles introduced last year. Rather, this could restrict auto-playing of content deemed harmful for children, notably free movie trailers and ad-supported movies and series. To open Restricted Mode, a PIN would be required.

It isn’t the only kid-friendly feature Google is working on at the moment. Despite the fact that kid profiles have been available for nearly a year, the business may now be adding Watchlists, allowing kids to save select movies and shows to their home screens. Unfortunately, the two strings discovered in this launcher update aren’t enough to declare for sure that this tool is on the way.

Nevertheless, there still is no word on when Google TV profiles will be available. After being promised a 2021 launch, the feature was postponed until 2022 late last year. Furthermore, Google is working on a new low-cost Chromecast with Google TV model, which is expected to hit store shelves in the near future.

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