Roku Brings Better Personalization with Roku OS 11

Roku Brings Better Personalization with Roku OS 11

The next major Roku TV update is on the way, with Roku OS 11 bringing a slew of new features and customization choices to the popular streaming platform. At first inspection, the proposed improvements appear to have some interesting features for Roku TV streaming stick owners.

According to a Roku press release, Roku OS 11 will be available on all supported Roku TV devices “in the coming weeks.” The update includes significant improvements to audio and speech settings, as well as an expansion of Roku’s content discovery features and a redesign of the Roku mobile app.

“With Roku OS 11, we’re offering a platform with new personalized updates across search, audio, and content discovery, as well as a new feature that allows our customers to display and even share photo albums through Roku devices,” said Gidon Katz, Roku’s Senior Vice President of Product & Experience.

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What’s new in Roku OS 11 for the Roku TV?

The audio features on your Roku device are about to get a lot better. You’ll be able to experience new sound profiles if you possess a Roku Streambar or speaker. Dialogue, Movie, Music, and Night are among the sound options available. All modes can be accessed with your Roku remote or the Roku app on your mobile device.

It’ll also be easier to sync music with whatever’s on-screen thanks to the app’s new A/V sync tool. Owners of Roku Streambars will no longer have to deal with out-of-sync audio, which is a significant win.

For us, the increased content discovery features are the true highlight of the Roku TV upgrade bundle. As part of the Roku OS 11 upgrade, if you possess a Roku TV or one of the finest Roku streaming sticks; you’ll have access to a fresh new ‘What to Watch’ menu.

What to Watch will go a long way if you are searching for a new movie or a new TV show. As the name suggests, the feature will recommend wide variety of content from various streaming services. It is worth mentioning that the search results won’t remain limited to a select few streamers.

Furthermore, the Roku is also expanding its Live TV zone. Now, it will offer suggestions based on what you have recently watched. Lastly, the company has also made changes with Roku Photo Streams features. The option now let users et photo albums and images from your uploaded content, as screensaver.

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