Samsung Rolls Out A New App For Galaxy Watch 4 that Lets You Use the Galaxy Watch 4 As a Walkie-Talkie

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
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Samsung has launched a new app for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic users. The new app will allow Galaxy Watch users to have instant conversations, just like if they were using a walkie-talkie. The new features make use of Bluetooth to look for nearby friends and create your Walkie-Talkie channel.

However, the new app is not compatible with older Galaxy smartwatch models, including Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. The earlier models used to run on Samsung’s own Tizen platform.

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Steps to use the new Walkie-Talkie app for Galaxy Watch 4 series

In order to use the new app, you have to register your Samsung account on a smartphone. The smartphone should be connected to your Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic. Samsung has said that for the first time you should use the walkie-talkie app when your watch is connected to your device. However, once you are done setting the app, your watch doesn’t need to stay connected to your smartphone for the feature to work.

When you are done installing WalkieTalkie app on your Watch;you will have to pair it with another Galaxy Watch 4 series watch. Only after that, you will be able to use the app. Once you are connected, just touch and hold the microphone icon on the watch to start talking with friends and other people in your contacts. The app will ask you for permissions including the watch’s microphone and contacts.

Anyways, chances are most people won’t find this feature that useful. Plus, there are other smartwatches that have the same feature. For instance, premium watches from Apple have the same feature.

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