Sony’s Revenue Down Due To PS5 Supply Crunch


Sony managed to sell about 3.9 million PS5 consoles in the last holiday quarter. If we compare it with the sales of last year, the figure is 0.6 million more. The figure tells us one thing the tech giant is struggling to meet demand during the current supply chain crunch. The current figure stands at 17.3 million units sold till December 31st. It is 3 million less than what PS5 has managed at the same time. However, the interesting thing to note here is, the PS4 did spend enough time on store shelves during its first year of sale. And we are not sure about the exact demand for PS5.

What’s more, Sony’s gaming division’s sale is also down by 8 percent this year. However, the operating profit has grown 12.1 percent this year. This was always on the cards due to the gap in between two console launches.

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It is worth mentioning PlayStation has become Sony’s most critical unit. That’s not surprising, since PS5 alone accounts for a quarter of the company’s overall revenue. On top of that, it also a quarter of its operating profit. Now, the company has reduced its revenue forecast by 6 percent to 2.73 trillion. Since the PS5 didn’t manage to sell as well as the company as expected. On the other hand, the company has increased the operating profit forecast by 6 percent to 345 billion yet. Specifically, the company believes that it will be able to sell 11.5 million units; last year the company sold 14.8 million units.

Moreover, the image sensor division of Sony also had a good quarter; the sales increased by 22 percent, operating profit was up 26 percent too.

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