The Google Pixel Watch is under development and might be released in 2022.

Google Pixel Watch

Google just introduced the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. With a few reports of faults and glitches, the latest series is receiving excellent feedback. For smartphone users, the tech behemoth may offer a slew of new products, including a smartwatch. The Google Pixel Watch might be unveiled shortly. Some Google employee has confirmed it already. The gadget, codenamed ‘Rohan,’ is being developed by Google and is anticipated to be introduced in 2022, presumably to compete with Apple’s Watch.

It’s not like Google hasn’t dabbled in wearable tech before. The firm has been there for a while, but it has yet to release its smartwatch. The first official product will be the Google Pixel Watch. Google’s Pixel Watch will undoubtedly use Wear OS. The Pixel Watch may have a circular design with no bezels. YouTuber Jon Prosser made the Render. Take a look at what follows.

Credit: Jon Prosser

The Pixel Watch is likely to use Fitbit’s technology and functionalities. Recently Google bought the latter. So, we may expect some parallels, particularly in terms of health and fitness tracking capabilities. We’ve heard that the Pixel Watch will have a step counter, heart rate monitor, and other health-tracking functions.

We don’t know if wireless charging will be available, but according to one employee, the slower charging speed may come at this time.

Now Google’s Pixel Watch with Wear OS will be a new entry into the smartwatch market. We’re hoping it won’t have the same issues as previous Pixel phones. This will be the first Google-branded smartwatch, so it had better be good.

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