The new Pixel Stand has leaked again, revealed the charging options and setup procedure.

New Pixel Stand

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be formally introduced on October 19th. But new Pixel Stand leaks and speculations have already revealed nearly everything about them, including color options, regional pricing, camera features, and software support timelines. One of the leaks also described the 2nd generation Pixel Stand. That the company will release alongside the new Pixel phones. In order to prepare for the introduction of the wireless charger, Google has released an update for its companion Pixel Stand app (through the GoogleNews Telegram channel), which accidentally discloses the wireless charger and phone setup procedure.

You may charge your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro in Optimized, Max, or Quiet mode with the 2nd generation Pixel Stand, depending on your preferences. When you select Optimized mode, the charging speed is adjusted “depending on your use”. That most likely implies it strikes a compromise between quick but noisy charging and silent but sluggish charging. The majority of Pixel 6 customers should utilize this technique, according to Google.

The Pixel 6 or 6 Pro will charge as quickly as possible wirelessly in Max mode. That should be up to 23W. The fan on the Pixel Stand 2nd generation, On the other hand, the fan may spin at higher rates than normal, making an audible noise. However, the faster fan speed will assist in disperse of the heat and keep the phone from overheating.

Charging Features of New Pixel Stand:

The Quiet option is perfect. If you want to leave the Pixel Stand on your bedside table and charge your Pixel 6 while sleeping, it reduces fan noise by slowing it down or entirely shutting it off. The result would be slower charging speeds for your Pixel, which would be beneficial to the battery’s longevity.

According to previously leaked images, the Pixel 6’s redesigned charging interface will have Performance and Quiet buttons. That will allow you to overrule the charging option you choose during setup on the fly.

The new Pixel Stand update also includes a Material You makeover with Android 12’s dynamic color theme support, according to 9to5Google. The user interface has mostly remained the same, with the only notable modifications being a splash of color, updated font and text size, and pill-shaped buttons replacing rectangular buttons.

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