Xbox Series X Internal CMOS Battery Issues Under Investigation

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Xbox has promised to investigate if consoles may continue to work after the internal CMOS battery has died.

It was revealed earlier this year that a problem with the PS4 and PS5’s internal CMOS battery might eventually render the consoles useless when the battery dies. However, Sony released a software update for both systems that fixed the problem. It allowed both PlayStation consoles to continue playing games even after the battery expired.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has now stated that the company is looking into solutions to resolve similar difficulties with Xbox consoles. In an interview, Spencer stated that the Xbox team is aware of similar issues with Xbox consoles. These problems include issues where the internal CMOS battery dies, rendering them obsolete and unable to play games.

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According to Spencer, “The hardware team is hearing the message about our consoles […] should allow for the ongoing relationship between the player and the content that they own. So we hear the message and the teams are looking at things”.

There is currently just one way to save a console if the CMOS battery dies. When a CMOS battery dies; customers will be able to authenticate their console by connecting to Xbox or PlayStation online services; allowing it to continue playing games. If the Xbox or PlayStation internet services were to ever go down; the consoles would be rendered worthless if they didn’t include a CMOS battery. It’s therefore reassuring to learn that Xbox is working to resolve the issue, just as Sony has done in recent months.

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