Call of Duty’s Damage Shield Will Allow You to Destroy People Cheating with Your Own God Mode

Damage Shield
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Banning cheaters on games like COD (Call of Duty) doesn’t usually work; as people always have an option to create a new account. As a result, games like Call of Duty are looking for methods to make exploiting their games less entertaining. For that purpose, the company has decided to give honest gamers a cheat of their own. Call of Duty Warzone’s new “Damage Shield” is a new Ricochet anti-cheat software. It makes a cheater’s bullets bounce off you, allowing you to close in on them while they flail around hysterically and then destroy them yourself.

Activision notes in a blog post that the Damage Shield feature only activates “when the server recognizes a cheater is meddling with the game in real-time,”. The company further adds that there’s “no chance for the game to apply a Damage Shield arbitrarily or by accident.”

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Cheating has been a plague on gaming in recent years, affecting every popular game to the point where professional gamers have abandoned some titles and console users are rejecting cross-play with PC due to the presence of cheaters there. Epic will not upgrade Fortnite to function on the Steam Deck due to the risk of cheaters.

Activision, for example, has responded with a slew of new anti-cheating programs, including their own kernel-level drivers for PC. However, they’re also battling cheats with legal proceedings, suing or claiming to litigate their developers into grounds; though personally attacking cheaters is a pleasant strategy. In addition to the new Call of Duty shield, creators of League of Legends and Apex Legends have hinted that cheats have to fight one other in cheater hell.


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