Dolby Vision Out For Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles

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Microsoft has revealed that Dolby Vision gaming, a new HDR standard that promises better color, contrast, and highlights in video games, is now available for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

More than 100 next-gen HDR-capable games will support Dolby Vision in the near future. This includes games that are available now and in the future. Such as Halo Infinite, which was rumored to contain Vision support a few months ago.

Thousands of vintage HDR10 and Auto HDR games will benefit from the new feature. Microsoft has assured that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will automatically enhance your existing games to provide a richer HDR experience. Auto HDR is a brilliant Microsoft technology that injects HDR into games that previously didn’t support it.

Developers can use Microsoft’s tools to add Dolby Vision compatibility to their games, or they can integrate the technology directly into the game engine. 

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How does Dolby Vision stack up against HDR10?

According to Microsoft and Dolby, games will automatically map to any monitor that supports the feature. It will ensure that players get the best picture possible. It means that your games should have improved brightness, color, contrast, and detail, and Dolby Vision’s intelligent tone mapping. Hence, players won’t have to manually calibrate each game to enjoy the greatest HDR experience possible.

DolbyVision supports 120Hz monitors, allowing games to be played at 120 frames per second. However, not all TVs currently support this capability. However, Microsoft and Dolby have said that they are working with TV makers to improve firmware compatibility for Vision capabilities.

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