Google Responds to Rumors Stating it Will Shutdown Stadia


After the rumors that the multi-sectoral giant is planning to shut down its gaming platform Stadia. Google has responded with a tweet from the official Stadia handle stating that “Stadia is not shutting down”. Stadia replied to a fan’s tweet and also assured us that they are working to expand the platform.

The rumors started doing rounds on social media after Cody Ogden killed by Google fame, blogged and tweeted about a post from a Facebook fan group. The post talked about a Google meeting to decide Stadia’s future. Cody Odgen is infamous for his blogs and tweets about the expanding trash bin of Google’s discontinued services and apps. If the post was to be believed the company was planning to pull the plug for Stadia just as the summer ends. 

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Google replied with sarcasm to the users’ claim

Google went for a healthy banter to deal with the situation. Ogden had nothing more than a post to back up his claims. But since this is the internet age, the people in and around went crazy including the official subreddit for Stadia. Ogden for some is nothing more than a troll trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame who in this case provided Google with an opportunity at humor.

What added fuel to the fire was Google’s previous decision to discontinue its first-party studios. Ever since that Stadia is on what many believed under close watch and on its last legs. This is one of many incidences that makes you question what kind of relationships does tech-giants as Google and its users have.

When all was said and done this reflection came from Ogden, he said – “Communities that are confident in their continued existence don’t respond like some of the things that have been hurled at me in public and in DMs the past couple days, if even the suggestion that a piece of technology could go away affects you so deeply that it brings you to threats, maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship with the tech?”. Despite being a troll their is some truth to what he said and maybe it’s time for Google and similar companies to look into their relationships with the users.

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