Google Shuts Down Stadia, Offering Refunds to Users

Google Stadia
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People have been anticipating for a long that Google might shut its gaming service Stadia and the news is finally official. The service is going down on January 18th, 2023 according to an official statement from Google.

Next year from mid-January the users will no longer be able to access their gaming library. But if you have bought the Stadia controller it will still work even after the gaming service goes down next year.

In an official statement posted on the blog post Google’s Vice President and the General Manager of Stadia operations Phil Harrison said- “refunding all Stadia hardware purchases made through the Google Store, and all game and add-on content purchases made through the Stadia store.”

Google has provided users with all the information on their help center. The company is trying to make the whole process of refunds and the closing of services smoother. Users can go to the help center and check all the details. Although Google hasn’t revealed all the information as of now. All the things will be made clear from Google’s end as the tech giant plans to complete the majority of refunds by the end of January.

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This was always coming

The gaming service is coming to an abrupt sort of end. Google as recently as July 29, 2022, said that the service will not end and new games will be added to the service but looking back now it all seems like a lie.

The short lifespan of Stadia started in the November of 2019 and it wasn’t that great either. Most of the services that were promised during the promotional phase were not delivered. A few of these features were Crowd play, achievements, and other multiplayer features.

Google was very adamant that they will improve on these points but that never happened and users were left disappointed. The Stadia controllers were very popular with the gaming crowd but Google failed to deliver on the gaming service.

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