Google Stadia Will Now Support Bluetooth


The end of Stadia is near. Maybe you already knew that Google’s attempt at cloud gaming would fail. Perhaps you actually gave Stadia Pro a go and even started building your own personal library. Regardless of whether you considered yourself to be among the devout, the Stadia party is finished and Google will shut down its servers in less than a week. We had been wondering for months what would happen to all of our Stadia hardware. Thankfully, Google has now revealed its intention to add Bluetooth connectivity to Stadia Controllers. It will enable them to work with all of your favourite gaming consoles.

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Bluetooth connectivity will soon be available for Stadia

Google clearly built its system around the Stadia Controller. It minimised critical lag by connecting directly to the company’s servers over Wi-Fi. While Stadia could be played on your PC with just a keyboard and mouse. Plus, gamers on phones had the option of Stadia touch controls, Google clearly designed its system around those devices. Its USB-C connector could also be connected to your PC with a cable. It will allow the unit to function as a typical wired controller. However, while having Bluetooth hardware onboard, the Stadia Controller hasn’t yet been able to connect to other devices via that interface.

Although the exact mechanics of support are still unknown. The good thing is at least we can officially confirm that it is on the way. It’s possible that the “self-serve tool” Google refers to entails a firmware update, but we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out how exactly this will work.

There are several reasons why this is wonderful news. Not only will Google contribute to lessening e-waste, but it was already a really reliable and pleasant-feeling controller, so utilising it with all the compatible systems in our collections should be a lot of fun. And given how frequently they were on sale, we wouldn’t be shocked if you still have a few around.

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