MSI MEG Artymis 341: A Flagship Monitor From MSI

MSI Meg Artymis 341
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On Thursday, MSI introduced the first-ever curved display- the MEG Artymis 341 with min LED backlighting featuring quantum dot films. What’s more, the new display is also VESA’s DisplayHDR 1000 compatible. On top of that, it also guarantees very high image quality with sharp curvature, alongside offering a gaming-grade LCD performance. 

The latest curved display- MSI MEG Artymis 341 Mini LED monitor is based on 34-inch AU Optronics’ AmLED display technology. The technology consists of MSI’s display panel and Mini LED-based backlighting module. The combination also features MSI’s QD Premium quantum dot films on top. 

It is worth noting that FALD backlighting based on Mini LEDs produces great contrasts, in addition to very high brightness. On the other hand, quantum dot enhancements will ensure color accuracy. Overall, the display should offer both high contrasts as well as accurate color production. 

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MSI MEG Artymis 341

As of specifications, the MSI MEG Artymis 341 mini LED monitor will come equipped with 3440×1440 resolutions, a 1ms GtG response time, up to 165Hz refresh rate, and an 800R curvature. Moreover, it also supports at least HDR10 considering the fact that it supports VESA’s DisplayHDR 1000 requirements. Plus, we also expect it to support at least 1000nits peak luminance in HDR mode. 

All of this suggests that the upcoming MSI monitor is the company’s flagship display. So, it might come equipped with other flagship features including a USB hub, audio connectors, advanced OSD, and a built-in KVM. 

Besides that, MSI is also working on another gaming monitor that will offer high image quality, and performance. It is expected to be a 55-inch gaming OLED monitor. It should arrive in the market in 2022; the details including pricing are not revealed yet. 

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