Netflix Launches Games for Android Devices, iPhone To Soon Receive Support

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We’ve known for a long time that Netflix would provide games on its platform in the not-too-distant future, and that time is here now. Obviously, the streaming behemoth will not be able to compete with AAA titles on the PS5 or Xbox One X, or comparably compelling PC games, at least for now. So, Netflix will provide customers with access to games that are more geared toward mobile players. On Tuesday, the company announced that Android customers throughout the world can access a new Games tab on their mobile devices. It will roll out the support for iPhones pretty soon.

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How to access games on Netflix

Netflix noted in the release that you don’t have to pay extra to play games. Games will be included in your current subscription by default and will be available to all profiles. Adult-targeted games will necessitate a PIN on children’s profiles, the same PIN that prevents access to other adult content for that account.

All in all, you’ll receive a complete game experience without any commercials or in-app purchases.

To begin playing games, go to the Games tab and select one of the five titles available there. Netflix will then direct you to the Google Play store to install them. That implies you won’t run these games on Netflix because each one will act as a standalone app.

Some of the games will require an online connection, while others may work without one.

The games are available to all Netflix subscribers on Android, including those who share the same Netflix login. The company also stated that the games are either localized for a variety of markets or default to English.

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