Nintendo Dismisses Reports Claiming It Has Supplied Developers With Tools For A 4K Switch

Nintendo Switch
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According to a Bloomberg report, Nintendo handed a toolkit to at least 11 developers. So they could make games for the Switch that support 4K. However, shortly after it was released; the gaming behemoth issued a statement emphatically denying that it is offering tools to help developers create titles for a 4K platform. “This report is false,” the business said in a tweet. It also stated that it has no plans to release a new Switch model other than the OLED variety. It will be available on October 8th.

By the time the OLED model was released, Nintendo had already distributed 4K toolkits. Plus, it also asked developers to produce games with 4K resolution, according to Bloomberg. The 11 companies it spoke with included huge publishers and tiny studios, including Zynga.

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The new OLED Switch from Nintendo does not enable 4K graphics, but it does have better color and contrast than its predecessors. Bloomberg previously reported that the business was developing a Switch with an OLED screen and an NVIDIA chip, allowing it to support 4K resolution when connected to a TV. However, a source told the publication that Nintendo was forced to abandon its 4K ambitions. Because of the component shortages caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Nintendo’s release of a 4K Switch appears to be the natural next step, given that its competitors already have systems that support the resolution. However, based on the company’s statement, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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