Nintendo Switch OLED Dock Gets A Chip That Is Capable To Offer 4K Output

Nintendo OLED Dock
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The Nintendo Switch OLED dock is equipped with a chip that can output 4K resolution. The new dock was recently opened up by Twitter user @KawlunDram, who discovered that the DP2HDMI chip is an RTD2172N KBDQH1 chip capable of outputting at 4K resolution.

This doesn’t imply much for the Nintendo Switch OLED and its dock on its own, but it does reveal that Nintendo has improved the dock’s hardware, presumably to future-proof it for a future Switch revision. Additionally, the new dock has a firmware upgrade option that the original did not. It suggests that functionality, such as the chip’s 4K resolution output, may be introduced in the future.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED dock also includes an HDMI 2.0 connector, which is required for 4K resolution output. It also features an HDMI cable capable of 4K, 60 FPS with HDR. Thus, it is clear that the Japanese company is getting closer to releasing a 4K resolution console. However, it is unclear when this will occur.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is now available in stores all over the world.

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